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H.E.L Group

Roadmap of V1.1 to V1.4 of labCONSOL
By Joseph Willmot on May 25, 2021

The move to labCONSOL® V1.1 is just the beginning of an exciting period of development for the software. Here’s your first run-through of four upcoming updates planned for release across...

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High Pressure Catalysis

Batch Versus Flow in Pharma: The upsides of continuous chemistry
By Joseph Willmot on May 6, 2021

Does today's take-up of flow chemistry in fields such as photochemistry, electrochemistry, and hazardous gas usage mean that the days are numbered for parallel batch reactor testing? We've...

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High Pressure Catalysis

Exploring the pitfalls of Flow Chemistry – industry and academic insight
By Joseph Willmot on April 16, 2021

Recently, H.E.L invited four specialist flow chemistry practitioners to speak at an online symposium on the topic. After the speakers had shared their research and experiences and answered...

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